Workshop Repairs

Virus removal and all the other nasties that can invade your pc while you inadvertently opened that email that caught your eye or curiosity got the better of you... £25 (inc VAT)

Computer wiped back to factory condition with no backup... £35 (inc VAT)

All data backed up (where possible) and the pc returned to factory condition... £60 (inc VAT)

If your PC is just getting slow (as they always do!) you will probably find that the basic virus removal option above is all that is needed. After virus scanning we always do a general system 'tidy up', where by we remove all the hidden rubbish that gathers on your hard drive and dust out the internals of the PC too!

Want to upgrade your PC without going the whole expense of a new system? Just need to keep it going for a little while longer without spending a fortune? PC died for no apparent reason?

Just bring your PC down to us. We can take a look and advise you on what can be done plus the costs involved. Brand new or second user parts can be sourced at competative prices to keep your upgrade or repair within budget.

Finally, privacy and security of your personal data is paramount. It is just not worth ruining our reputation with making basic mistakes that other PC repair outlets continually make with not blanking hard drives correctly or duplicating your data for illicit gain.

The page on how to find us is here