We've been in the IT industry for a considerable amount of time and have learned many valuable lessons that we can share with our consultancy services.

In recent years we have focused some of our time in learning and understanding networks constructed with Mikrotik products. To date, courses and training have been taken to obtain industry recognised certification resulting in 5 qualifications so far.

MTCNA (Network Associate)
MTCRE (Routing Engineer)
MTCWE (Wireless Engineer)
MTCTCE (Traffic Control Engineer) &
MTCINE (Internconecting Network Engineer)

You can find us listed here Mikrotik UK consultants

In addition to consultancy, we can now offer training in the above levels of certification with Barry Higgins as your trainer or check here to see if any courses are being held.
Trainer Certification

We have developed many bespoke configurations for Mikrotik routerboards over the last few years for an increasing number of companies. For more information please contact us.

We are not limited to Mikrotik knowledge. Over the years we have had to deal with many other leading brandings of network equipment, one of which in recent years has been the ever more popular Ubiquiti range of wireless and routing. So we have now gained certification in the following Ubiquiti fields -


More generalised networking enquies including equipment manufactures Cisco, Juniper or technologies including 3G & 4G data services, WiFi 'hotspot' system design or just straight forward network help. We cover it all.