About us

We started back in the mid 1990's with a small website hosting service. That grew to a point where we covered so many aspects of the computer and I.T. fields we settled with the company name of 'Allness' in 2001.

Over a decade later and we are still expanding in what we can do and offer in the I.T. field. This still includes the small business and individual websites that we began with back in the 90's but now we can offer all of the following:

  • System and network maintenance cover
  • System and Network installations
  • PC repairs including laptops
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux, Apple & Microsoft
  • Internet telephony systems
  • WiFi hotspot installations
  • WiFi Internet access over Kidderminster
  • Consultancy

Our prices offer value for money especially in todays economic climate but our service aim is to be first class.

Barry Higgins